The Secret Behind the Green Screen

Green screens are the key to creating fantastic background and unbelievable scenes that are extremely realistic. More often than not the universes and worlds we see on film are completely fabricated, and the locations used to shoot these are rather underwhelming in real life. 

A green screen presents an endless range of possibilities, whatever your imagination can think up can be created in post production. Whether you are thinking of using a green screen film studio, or you want to attempt to create the same set up at home, this article will give you the lowdown on green screens.

What is a Green Screen and how Does it Work?

Green screen is a visual effects technique where 2 independent images or video streams are layered on top of eachother, creating the illusion that they are one. Green screening essentially lets you drop in whatever background image you desire, this is particularly helpful when the background isn’t available for example if it is a historic, futuristic or sci fi shot.

After the footage has been shot the new background is composited (i.e. layered together) into the shot. The chroma key then singles out the reen and removes it by rendering it transparent, this lets the other image show through.

Is Your Project Right for a Green Screen?

As we have already mentioned, a green screen is perfect if you are trying to create a fantastical background, but it’s not only for fantasy films. Green screen video studios are often used for weather shows, live streams, music videos, adverts and product shots as they offer a great deal of flexibility post production.

Using a green screen film studio is favourable if you have a short term or one off project, it means you don’t need to invest in creating the green screen yourself. You can turn up to the green screen film studio and everything will be set up for you, camera’s, lighting, sound equipment and green rooms will be provided by the green screen film studio themselves.