“We can either paint, supply green screen drapes that can be suspended from a ‘goal post’ or use colorama depending on the area required. The paint we use is the made by Mylands, who supply all the major film studios. We usually paint between two and three coats depending of the mixture consistency. On the shooting day we provide plastic shoe covers or suggest people take off their shoes to prevent scuffing of the painted area. After the shoot the infinity cove/cyc and stage is painted back to black and white.”

Useful information

Chroma key paint

Chroma key drapes

Chroma key colorama ( we can supply this):

Chroma key treadmills

Chroma key body suits

Chroma key turntables

Green/blue screen FAQs

The principal subject is filmed in front of a blue or green background. These colours are furthest from skin tone. In post-production the background colour is “keyed out” and replaced.

No. The packages are just guidelines. We can paint any amount you want, and charge accordingly. The less we paint, the cheaper it will be. See the diagrams above for an outline of these costs.Do we nee

The drape we use has the consistency of wet suit material as it stretches and does not crease. It’s almost like memory fabric as it returns to its original shape if stretched or formed around an object. Our principle green screen drape measures 20ft x 20ft.

Yes! We can paint the cyc any colour you want. Just let us know a reference in time, and we will get it mixed for you. Prices may vary though. If you require a black background, we recommend that you shoot in front of our matt black curtains. These run more than halfway around the stage perimeter.

Yes. The paint will always be dry prior to your shoot. Even if the previous day’s shoot goes late, we will get it done for you overnight.

We always have spare paint, so painting a prop is no problem. We also have small pieces of green material that are useful for covering that lighting stand that’s in shot!