Green Screen Video Studio

At Mount Pleasant Studio we can cater for all types of video production in our green screen video studio like music videos, trailers, animations, and many more. Our stage measures 31 feet wide and 41 ft deep and is fully soundproofed. It is big enough to allow your talent to be lit separately to the lighting on the background. It is crucial that no green ’spill’ from the floor or background is bounced back onto the skin or clothing of actors, as that makes keying extremely difficult.

We also have a variety of green screen drapes available as well as 9ft or 12ft wide Colorama background paper that you can use by the roll or metre.


We Replace Our Green Screen Video Background with a ‘Virtual Studio’

In our professional live streaming green screen studio, we can either shoot in front of a set or by replacing our chromakey green background with a ‘virtual studio’. Shooting in a green screen studio enables endless creative possibilities. Actors and presenters can be superimposed on virtual backgrounds, digitally animated backdrops or transported anywhere in the world.

If you need to shoot against blue or green, we can paint anything from a small area to the whole stage.

Green Screen Video Studio Booking Enquiries

If you would like to hire our studio, then please call 020 7837 1957 or email: [email protected]

Or you can fill in our booking form.