What Is A Sound Stage And How Can It Help Your Next Film Shoot?

A sound stage is a large, indoor space that is specifically designed and constructed for the purpose of recording or filming sound. It is usually a large open area with high ceilings and sound-absorbing materials on the walls and floors, these are to minimise echo and reverberation around the room.  Sound stages are useful for a variety of purposes, for example, recording music, voiceovers, sound effects, and dialogue for movies and television, or even for live performances such as concerts and theatre.

How can a sound stage help your next shoot?

A sound stage can help your film shoot as it provides a controlled environment for sound recording and production. The sound stage also provides a space for larger production elements, that might not be feasible on location.  Furthermore, a sound stage offers a great range of flexibility in terms of lighting and camera angles. It also offers the ability to easily make changes and adjustments to the set, depending on the requirements of your shoot.  Lastly, a sound stage provides a private and secure location for the shoot, so you can minimise distractions and disruptions. These factors help greatly enhance the quality and efficiency of your shoot.

Our studio

At Mount Pleasant we offer fully equipped, soundproof film, TV and photographic studios in the heart of London. We have hosted a range of productions, from TV adverts to corporate films, music videos to virtual awards… and everything in between! Our studio is equipped with a wide range of lighting equipment such as four Arri S60-C Sky Panels, 12ks and a Dedo Kit. We can also hire any kit you might require so that your next shoot is a success. If you need to rent a sound stage in central London, just get in touch.