Choosing The Right Film Studio In London

Working in a professional film studio will vastly improve the quality of the work you are able to produce. The right film studio provides a safe environment to work in, giving you access to all the right equipment you need, so you can succeed on your shoot. Before you jump right in and pay to hire a film studio in London, here are some handy tips to help you narrow down your search.


When it comes to hiring a film studio in London, location is one of the most important aspects to consider.  The location needs to be close to your place of work, but also convenient for any models, actors, presenters, clients and suppliers. Ideally, the studio will be near transport links so you can jump off the tube or bus and be at the studio in minutes. You might also want to check if the film studio in London has private parking.


Another important thing to consider is what amenities the studio in London offers. There are a number of film studios available to hire in London, and each of these will offer something different.  High-end film studios might have free parking, kitchens, green rooms, make-up rooms and air-con. Cheaper options may simply be a large room with a couple of lights. Take a tour of the studio, before booking, so you can be sure you are getting what you pay for. 


Most film studios in London will offer some form of camera equipment, but the quality of this kit will differ greatly from studio to studio. Professional film studios will offer:
    • A range of professional lighting
    • Rigging and stands
    • High-end furniture
    • Multiple wall surface options
    • Blackout blinds
    • Professional kitchen equipment for catering shoots

4.Customer Service

As technical people, many photographers or directors tend to focus on the technical aspects of a film studio. However, it is worth taking customer service into account too. You want peace of mind that should anything go wrong, the film studio staff are going to be on hand to resolve your issues quickly and efficiently.