Elevating Your Production Value: Three Tips For Making The Most Of A Studio Space

Hiring out a production studio is an important step towards achieving professional standard videography and/or photography. It also creates an environment where time is money and productivity is key. In this article, we’ll be talking about the best ways to make good use of your studio time and why hiring an infinity cove studio could make all the difference.

1. Knowing What You’ll Need

For many industry professionals, half the work is in the preparation. It’s in knowing what shots they’ll need, what equipment they’ll need to get them, and being prepared for potential pitfalls on the day. Put simply, forward planning is key. Of course, that’s easy to say and not always so easy to achieve. Good forward planning requires a detailed understanding of your working methods and the methods of those you're working with. It also requires the ability to predict where and when things might go wrong. In short, it’s a product of experience and experience is something you can only acquire with practice. That being said, if you want to effectively gain experience then the best way is to treat every project as both a professional goal and learning experience. Scope your project appropriately, accept that things might not go perfectly, and build up your skills with every shoot.

2. Preparing A Timetable

Another vital part of that pre-shoot planning that often goes overlooked is the need to prepare a timetable. Now, timetables can be tricky, as they always need some flexibility to account for delays and difficulties. That being said, a good rule of thumb is to make a conservative time estimate for every step of the shoot and then add 20% to each.   That might sound harsh, but the reality is that if you can’t fit everything you need into the time available then something needs to shift. Of course, ideally you can - and should - have extra things you’d like to get done if time allows, but accurate time estimates tend to come more from pessimism than optimism.

3. Using An Infinity Cove Studio

Finally, we want to talk about the amazing benefits you’ll see in productivity from using an infinity cove studio. Infinity cove studios are studios designed with a seamless backdrop, meant to give the impression of infinite space.