Mount Pleasant Studios: An Eco-Conscious Film Studio In London

Our film studio in London is supplied by Good Energy’s 100% renewable electricity. Good Energy provides electricity harvested from a network of over 1700 wind turbines across the UK. We are working hard to improve our carbon footprint, by working with Good Energy to achieve a cleaner, greener future. 

About Good Energy

Good Energy offers 100% renewable electricity, green gas and green energy services to help businesses on the path to more responsible power.  Green Energy buys its power directly from a community of over 1700 independent, renewable energy generators across Britain. This includes sustainable businesses such as Pollybell Organic Farms. They also offer green gas, 10% of which is renewable biogas. The remaining 90% is offset by investing in projects that help spread green energy around the world. 

Why Choose Mount Pleasant?

As well as our dedication to reducing the carbon footprint of our film studio in London, there are a whole host of other reasons you should choose to work with us.  Our film studio is in the heart of London, only 10 minutes from the West End. Our film studio in London has been open since October 2005, and since then we have hosted a wide range of clients in all areas of film and TV.  Our film studio in London is equipped with a range of high-end lighting equipment, including four Arri S60-C SkyPanels, 12Ks and a Dedo Kit. We also have a selection of tools and accessories for you to work with, such as turntables, blue/green screen flats and perspex ice cubes! Our film studio in London has a fully-fitted, large industrial kitchen, and we offer catering to clients.  We only have one stage, so your team will have total privacy. Our stage dimensions are 15’H x 31’W x 41’D. Hiring our film studio in London also gives you access to all other rooms, including our green room, makeup room, changing rooms, shower room and kitchen.

Want To Find Out More?

If you would like to know more about our green credentials or our film studio in London, just get in touch and we’ll be happy to chat!