Why Studios Always Provide The Best Green Screen Results

It’s hard to underestimate the importance of production values in 2024. As TV and Streaming shows have upped their game to compete with films, independent productions have been fighting to keep up. That being said, those high production values are also easier than ever to achieve, particularly when working with a green screen studio. In this piece, we’d like to explore exactly why it is that a green screen studio creates better results than non-studio setups and why you should seriously consider one if you want to elevate your next production.

Full Lighting Control

When it comes to filming, lighting is everything. Almost every bad shot you’ve ever seen was probably the result of poor lighting. Now some lighting problems can be altered or fixed after the fact, but relying on post-production is always a risk. In a green screen studio, it’s far easier to set up your lighting exactly as you need it. Furthermore, because it’s easy to isolate any unwanted light sources, you can also do more to ensure that there are no unexpected problems down the line.

A More Professional Setup

More broadly, working in a professional studio environment is excellent for productivity. Not only do you have the space to do what you need but, being in a soundproofed room with only cast and crew, it’s far easier to minimise distractions and focus on the task at hand. At the end of the day, a more professional space inspires a more professional attitude.

Access To High-End Equipment

Last but certainly not least, you should never underestimate the value of having easier access to high-end camera and lighting equipment. While your equipment may be great for general purposes, you never know when specialist equipment might come in handy. Here at Mount Pleasant, we have several industry contacts, so even if you’re looking for something very specific we might be able to source it for you. As a director, this will give you far more versatility in the shots that you can achieve. All in all, working with a green screen studio is by far the most effective way to achieve consistent, professional results. If you or your company are looking to rent professional green screen studio space, then get in touch with us today by emailing simon@mountpleasantstudio.com or call 020 7837 1957.