Latest News at Mount Pleasant Studio

We’ve bought a lot of green paint in the last year, as we have been very busy at Mount Pleasant Studios. We’ve hosted a huge range of shoots at our green screen studio in London,  including this energetic Cartoon Network promo to publicise the arrival of 11-year old musical (mainly drumming) prodigy Nandi Bushell as their first ever Musician In Residence. The green screen background allowed Nandi to interact with multicoloured animated backgrounds and the channel’s cartoon characters. Another production for kids’ TV was a series of Bop Box Boogie filmed over three happy weeks for Channel 5/Viacom. Here’s a sample episode. Our green screen studio is not only fully soundproofed, but the quality of the sound is much appreciated by sound recordists. We have a U-shaped infinity cove that is pre lit by cyclights and spacelights that can be individually controlled via a dimmer board. This means that for a green screen shoot, much of the lighting is done the moment you step into the studio. We were also delighted to host Steve Coogan at our green screen studio in London. He came to us to record several scenes for his show ‘Alan Partridge This Time’. The production team at Baby Cow built a set, and the background was added in post-production. Most of the programme was shot elsewhere, but my favourite sequence of the whole series is the three minutes of comedy gold filmed at Mount Pleasant, starting here. More serious matters were covered in a series of ‘virtual studio’ interviews for Business Reporter, including this one in which reporter and interviewees were placed in a widescreen set reflecting the programmes ‘Market Dojo’ title. A variety of effects can be created at our green screen studio in London, limited only by designers’ imagination, here’s another Business Reporter set to demonstrate the variety. Other uses for our green screen during lockdown have included live streamed investor presentations, trade show presentations and virtual staff conferences. Our most internationally famous green screen star might be John Boyega, who was filmed at Mount Pleasant Studio at the end of 2019 in a commercial for Vue Cinemas directed by Jake Scott of RSA Films. If you want any more information about the green screen packages we offer, get in touch. We are able to arrange custom sizes and any other bespoke requirement you may have.