At Mount Pleasant Studio, we’ve been providing green screen studio hire services for several years. Our studios can be used by our clients for corporate or shoot film production, photography, and many more.


In our professional studio, we can either shoot in front of a set or by replacing our chromakey green background with a ‘virtual studio’. Shooting in a green screen studio enables endless creative possibilities. The event hosts can be superimposed on virtual backgrounds, digitally animated backdrops or transported anywhere in the world. Mount Pleasant Studio is home to one of London’s most central green screen studios, ideal for a wide range of film, video, and photo shoots.

Why Choose Our Green Screen Studio Hire Services?

At Mount Pleasant Studio we are able to provide flexible solutions to our clients. If you need for example to shoot against blue or green, we can paint anything from a small area to the whole stage. We can either paint, supply green screen drapes that can be suspended from a ‘goal post’ or use colorama depending on the area required. 

We also have close relationships with the leading lighting and camera hire companies in London and can hire in any equipment at compelling rates.

If you would like to hire our studio, then please call 020 7837 1957 or email:

Or you can fill in our booking form.

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