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A video highlighting live-streamed and pre-recorded projects shot at Mount Pleasant Studio London 

With our superfast fibre broadband 150mb/sec upload connection, we can broadcast live around the world, and have been live streaming programmes, awards shows and presentations for several years.

These are either shot in front of a set in our studio or by replacing our chromakey green background with a ‘virtual studio’.

Live interviews can be incorporated, or recorded pieces to camera played in on virtual screens. In 2020 the studio hosted the British LGBT Awards, presented by Rylan Clark-Neal, and the Pearson BTEC Awards. Pearson UK’s Marketing Manager praised Spellbinder, the awards producer and a growing live stream production company, saying “The event was brilliant and reached a global audience. It certainly provokes questions for how we go about things next year.” Studio Giggle produced a high tech XR investor presentation by CVC Capital Partners that was shown around the world.

live streaming productions

Such is the interest in virtual awards that the studio has had enquiries for awards shows nine months in advance.

Our seamless fast broadband connection is also ideal for remote viewing of projects as they are filmed at the studio. A recent shoot was viewed in three countries, allowing agency and client to comment and ask for changes in real time.

As well as live stream shoots using our fibre connection, the studio continues to host pre-recorded projects of all kinds.

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