In our live streaming green screen studio in Soho, we can either shoot in front of a set/by replacing our chromakey green background with a ‘virtual studio’. Shooting in a green screen studio enables endless creative possibilities. Actors and presenters can be superimposed on virtual backgrounds, digitally animated backdrops or transported anywhere in the world. Mount Pleasant Studio is home to one of Soho’s most central green screen studios, ideal for a wide range of film, video, and photo shoots.

Broadcast Quality: Our Fast Broadband Connection

With our superfast fibre broadband 150mb/sec upload connection, we can broadcast live around the world. As well as live stream shoots using our fibre connection, the studio continues to host pre-recorded projects of all kinds. Mount Pleasant is Soho’s most central soundproofed green screen studio, minutes from the Central, Circle and Hammersmith and City Soho Underground lines. The stage measures 31 feet wide and 41 ft deep and is fully soundproofed. It is big enough to allow your talent to be lit separately from the lighting in the background. It is crucial that no green ’spill’ from the floor or background is bounced back onto the skin or clothing of actors, as that makes keying extremely difficult. Simon and Gabriel, our Studio Manager and Stage Manager, are here to help you with any advice ahead of your shoot.

Live Streaming TV Studio Booking Enquiriesn

If you would like to hire our studio, then please call 020 7837 1957 or

Or you can fill in our booking form.

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