Our professional live stream studio in Soho has been used by many clients for live streaming programmes, awards shows, and presentations for many years. Live interviews can be incorporated, or recorded pieces to camera played in on virtual screens. In 2020 the studio hosted the British LGBT Awards, presented by Rylan Clark-Neal, and the Pearson BTEC Awards. Pearson UK’s Marketing Manager praised Spellbinder, the awards producer, and a growing live stream production company, saying “The event was brilliant and reached a global audience. It certainly provokes questions for how we go about things next year.” Studio Giggle produced a high tech XR investor presentation by CVC Capital Partners that was shown around the world.

Professional Live Streaming In Soho

With the increase in live-streamed shoots at Mount Pleasant Studio, including awards show and investor presentations, and the now ubiquitous use of remote shooting so our clients and agency can view shoots remotely, we decided to up our fibre broadband upload speed to 150MB/sec for added peace of mind. And we’re hanging on to our old 35MB/sec connection for a few months for a belt and braces approach. With our superfast fibre broadband 150mb/sec upload connection, we can broadcast live around the world. As well as live stream shoots using our fibre connection, the studio continues to host pre-recorded projects of all kinds.

Why Choose Our Live Stream Studio In Soho?

At Mount Pleasant Studio, we are always looking for progression. We added permanent spacelights and cyclights – something that inspired many other studios to follow suit. In 2013 we replaced our L-shaped infinity cove with a brand new U-shaped one, something that we recorded for posterity. We’ve added many lights over the years, not least 6 Arri 5Ks, two Arri T12 12s for high-speed shoots and more recently 4 x Arri SkyPanel S60-C LED lights. We’ve refurbished Green Room and Make Up areas, making the studio an even more comfortable and convenient place to shoot, whether it’s a one day TV commercial or a three week kids TV series shoot. One constant is the fish in our Green Room fish tank which we’re told are a great calming influence if things get stressful on set. We are proud to have been fully powered by renewable energy via Ecotricity’s wind farms since 2008.

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