Green Screen Studio Soho

At Mount Pleasant Studio we can cater for all types of video production in our high-quality green screen studio in Soho including films, promos and many more. We hosted in our professional studio a number of VFX shoots for feature films including Assassin’s Creed, a wide variety of television commercials, promos for companies including the BBC and music videos including Jessie J’s famous ‘Pricetag’ film.

Studio Facilities

Our stage measures 31 feet wide and 41 ft deep and is fully soundproofed. It is big enough to allow your talent to be lit separately to the lighting on the background. It is crucial that no green ’spill’ from the floor or background is bounced back onto the skin or clothing of actors, as that makes keying extremely difficult.

We can either paint, supply green screen drapes that can be suspended from a ‘goal post’ or use colorama depending on the area required. The paint we use is made by Mylands, who supply all the major film studios. We usually paint between two and three coats depending on the mixture consistency. On the shooting day we provide plastic shoe covers or suggest people take off their shoes to prevent scuffing of the painted area. After the shoot the infinity cove/cyc and stage is painted back to black and white.

How To Hire Our Green Screen Studio In Soho

If you would like to hire our studio, then please call 020 7837 1957 or email:

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