At Mount Pleasant Studio, we’ve been providing green screen studio hire services in Holborn for many years. Our studios can be used for film production, photography, and many more.


With the increase in live-streamed shoots at Mount Pleasant Studio, including awards show and investor presentations, and the now ubiquitous use of remote shooting so our clients and agency can view shoots remotely, we decided to up our fibre broadband upload speed to 150MB/sec for added peace of mind. And we’re hanging on to our old 35MB/sec connection for a few months for a belt and braces approach. With our superfast fibre broadband 150mb/sec upload connection, we can broadcast live around the world. As well as live stream shoots using our fibre connection, the studio continues to host pre-recorded projects of all kinds.

Why Choose To Hire Our Studio In Holborn?

In our professional live streaming green screen studio, we can either shoot in front of a set or by replacing our chromakey green background with a ‘virtual studio’. Shooting in a green screen studio enables endless creative possibilities. Actors and presenters can be superimposed on virtual backgrounds, digitally animated backdrops or transported anywhere in the world.

If you need to shoot against blue or green, we can paint anything from a small area to the whole stage.

If you would like to hire our studio, then please call 020 7837 1957 or email:

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