Faster, Cheaper, Better: Why You Should Be Using a Film Studio

Looking for a film studio in Central London? Keep reading to learn all about how Mount Pleasant is helping creators, big and small, improve their production values. From blockbuster movies to short films, adverts, and even online content, film shoots have a strong tendency to overrun their expected timeframes. That being said, although the problem is common, it is not universal. It’s easy to look at this and assume that some directors and producers are simply worse at time management, or that the team needs better management to complete the project on time. One factor that people - especially those new to film shooting - often overlook, however, is the practical difference between shooting on location and shooting in a studio. In this article, we’ll be talking more about that difference and why it is that location shooting is not only slower but can also be more expensive and time consuming.

Lighting Nightmares

If you know anything about producing film then you’ll know that lighting matters. In its simplest form, lighting can be the difference between an unwatchable mess and a professional product, but go beyond the basics and lighting can have a tremendous effect on mood and tone. As such a good director should want to have as much control as possible over the lighting of their shoot and a location shoot simply won’t provide that. Not only does a director have to work within a narrow timeframe, but they also have to hope that the weather will play ball. The upshot is that any other delays, no matter how small, are drastically amplified, adding whole days at a time to your shoot. Meanwhile, in a studio, the director has full control over the lighting and can easily adjust the conditions if they are not happy with it. The difference really is that stark.

The Logistics of Location Shooting

Of course, some directors don’t even reach their location because of the sheer volume of logistical problems that can occur. From the mountains of paperwork involved in ensuring that your location is safe to film in and free from interlopers, to the practical problem of getting everyone and everything you need to the right place at the right time, location shooting is an ever-shifting puzzle that can be almost impossible to line up. Compare this to, say, an easy-to-access film studio in Central London and once again, the difference is night and day. 

Expect the Unexpected

It might sound like we’re totally down on location shooting but the truth is that, while it has its place in filmmaking, you simply can’t underestimate the number of problems that occur when shooting on location. Location shooting is an unpredictable challenge that even experienced directors struggle with. It’s an expensive risk that can often be avoided simply by working with an experienced studio. As an experienced Film studio in Central London, Mount Pleasant are the perfect people to take on your next project. Contact us today at or by calling 020 7837 1957 to find out more.