Film Studio Image Gallery


In our image gallery above, you can take a look at a wide range of images photographed at our London film studio. These include some great images of the varied equipment and lighting we have available including  Arri SkyPanel S60-C lights and Octodome, our green / blue screen facility, and our Moviola Dolly to name but a few as well as a variety of panoramas of our studio.

There are also stills from some recent film shoots that we have hosted including a music video for Kylie Minoque, Investec’s “What We Do” television ad campaign, and a Princess TV shoot where you can see our film and TV studio in action.

Our London studio caters for all kinds of film production including short films, Photo studio, Photographic Studio, music videos, TV, commercials and adverts, animation, promos, trailers… you name it, we film it.

Hire our Studio

If you and your production company are interested in, Photo studio, Photographic Studio, hiring our film studio, then please call 020 7837 1957 or email: [email protected].

Our experienced team of professionals are here to help your shoot.


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