Green Screen Studio - Mount Pleasant Studio London

Green Screen Studio – Mount Pleasant Studio London

Are you a filmmaker, a photographer or someone who works for a film or tv production company?

We at Mount Pleasant Studios, have an incredibly high-end Green Screen Studio for all your filming and photography needs.

Working within the confines of a green screen studio, in no uncertain terms gives you endless possibilities for your creativity and editing skills.

But why are green screen studios so useful?


Whatever you imagine, you can create.

Whether you are shooting a commercial for your business, a calendar, or a feature-length movie, starting with a green backdrop in a highly functional studio like Mount Pleasant means your options are limitless.

Keep Your Costs Down

Avoid location shoots, travelling, set up costs, permits and additional labour costs.

By hiring a studio for the duration of your need’s means avoiding unnecessary costs, work and delays.


Keeping consistency with filming is of absolute paramount. Using our green screen studio means you can control external conditions such as weather, passers-by and lighting changes.

The predictability of hiring a green screen studio keeps stress low and the impact of the finished product high!

With our main green screen studio spanning 31 feet wide and 41 ft deep, our fully soundproofed facility is a great place for you to fulfil your creative needs.

The colour green, is seen as the furthest colour from any skin tone, meaning green screens are predominately used to film scenes or used as a backdrop for a photoshoot to keep editing and post-production a more seamless task.

With skilled and qualified staff on hand, should you need them, they are available to assist and ensuring your experience with us at our studio is as comfortable and successful as possible.

 If you have any requirements ahead of your booking time, we can help, be it changing the colour of a wall, lighting and camera rental, or the need for drapes and backdrops or even catering requirements.

Whilst still being based in Central London, we are tucked away from the crowds, meaning we are the best opportunity for discrete filming in the busy City of London.

Contact us, our skilled team and flexible approach will give you the guidance and peace of mind you need.