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Motion Control 2016: Love of the ‘Dark Arts’

It all sounds very mystical, appears like an expression from a H.P Lovecraft novel and still has the ability to make most producers shudder when mentioned. However, the ‘love affair’ I speak of is with Motion Control. We are all aware of the legends and urban tales that go hand in hand with this beast (having been […]

The Celluloid Sleeping Beauty

By Mark Dunn There’s a large cupboard in our studio full of flight cases that are rarely opened. They contain much loved but defunct relics from the analog days of clapper loaders and changing bags instead of DITs and hard drives. Alongside two Mitchell cameras – one with the fabled Jackson Woodburn motor for rocksteady […]

NSC Creative’s Motion Control Green Screen VFX Project

NSC Creative, based at the National Space Centre in Leicester, shot a well-planned Motion Control project about the MyPORT app at Mount Pleasant Studio late last year. As the complex shoot had to be completed in two days there was no margin for error. Mark Dunn joined several video conferences calls, advising on Green Screen […]

A roundup of the best filmmaking blogs

By Richard Lewisohn There was a time when to learn about filmmaking, you’d have to either go to the National Film School, get accepted on an expensive course, subscribe to ‘American Cinematographer’, plough through expensive textbooks full of diagrams and mathematical formulae or… get a lowly job in the film industry. That’s all changed, and […]

Looking into infinity

by Mark Dunn, Studio Manager What’s an infinity cove? For those who don’t know, it’s a studio space with walls that curve smoothly into the floor so that with careful lighting the illusion that the studio floor continues to infinity can be achieved. They are also referred to as cycloramas or “cycs”. These are normally […]

Jobs on set – Mickey Richards, Video Playback Operator

An occasional series highlighting crew members who have have worked at Mount Pleasant Studio. By Mickey Richards I’m a Video Playback Operator (aka. Video Assist or CCTV Op). These are just a few titles listed on a call sheet that describe my job. What the job entails is showing a live link from the camera to HD […]